Optimized Climate Balance

Our environment is exposed to the negative impact of human activity daily. Pollution on a local scale can have a global impact. We help mitigate the negative impact with our abatement systems. Our environmental technology meets or surpasses the legal emissions requirements and is also low total cost of ownership. This improves both your cost and environmental footprint.



Efficient Corrosive Gas Treatment

PFC gases such as CF4, SF6 or NF3 are used in many processes. Once released into nature, these gases remain in the environment for a very long time. For example, CF4 has an atmospheric lifetime of approximately 50,000 years and a greenhouse effect 6,500 times greater than CO2. Our thermal abatement systems destroy these gases effectively and make an important contribution to environmental protection.

Our technology protects the environment.


for TA-Luft

The “Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control” (TA-Luft) is the governing regulation in Germany for emission control. It includes emission limits for air pollutants and serves as a guideline for industrial or commercial installations. You can comply with these regulations easily and safely with our systems – guaranteed.


ISO 14001 & 9001 Certification

Our abatement systems promote sustainability and carbon neutrality. The continuous optimization of our internal environmental policy is a key component of our corporate philosophy. This is confirmed by our ISO 14001 & 9001 certificates, which ensures we maintain a management system on our environmental goals.


for the Future

We work today on the
solutions of tomorrow.

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