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Exhaust gases are an unavoidable byproduct of semiconductor processes. We can make the future of our environment cleaner and more livable with our innovative technologies for waste gas treatment. To this end, we develop, manufacture, and install abatement systems all over the world. As the global technology leader and single supplier of all abatement systems, we have the best solution for your installation for greater sustainability and efficiency.



We are already working on the solutions of tomorrow today to offer the most recent advances in abatement technology. Innovation is part of our culture. We have an onsite laboratory to enable research in-house. Our experts keep a constant eye on the system’s field performance, guaranteeing that your abatement system is optimized.

Innovation and technology leadership allow us to develop cutting-edge environmental technology.


Research Support

We attach great importance to partnering with universities and research institutes. That is where new and innovative processes are being developed, but these processes can produce novel harmful byproducts. Here We support our abatement systems here to comply to the emission limits and facilitate recycling of input materials when possible. We leverage our expertise in chemistry, process engineering and process technology, to ensure research is uninterrupted while protecting the employees and the environment.


Our environment
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