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We are also there for you with our comprehensive package of services following the planning and installation phase for your new cleaning system. Our personnel perform the commissioning and regular system checks along with many other additional services in direct contact with the customer. We provide you with remote maintenance support or locally in person to ensure that your system always receives the right maintenance.



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Extra Services

Hook-up and Installation

We advise you on questions regarding the installation and connection of our systems. This includes the planning and dimensioning of the waste gas and exhaust air piping, as well as the connections to the media supply.


This includes the planning and dimensioning of the waste gas and waste air piping, as well as the connections to the media supply. We set all the operating parameters locally and check the system components for proper and safe functioning. This also includes a technical briefing for you and your team on safely and correctly operating the system. Finally, you receive a written acceptance report from us.


We modify your treatment systems to adapt them to the latest requirements depending on the process requirements. This ranges from software customizations to retrofitting mechanical components so that your system is always state of the art.

System Checks

We offer annual or semi-annual system checks and maintenance to ensure that your systems operate safely and stably with a high up-time at all times. This includes a complete check of the system for proper functioning, including a sensor test during which all parameter settings, trigger parameters and alarm limits are checked.  You will be given an official protocol (CT Sensor Test Protocol) as a record of the full system check.

Operating Cost Analysis

You receive advice on how to optimize your process operation based on our cost analysis to identify possible savings potentials. We make suggestions for the use of the latest, optimized technologies for the potential customization of your systems.

FTIR Gas Measurements

We use our IR measurements to measure the performance of your equipment, and the species and concentrations of your process gas flows at your site.  Our FTIR analyzer has an extensive database of hydrocarbons, organics and inorganics. Database adjustments, results calculations, and calibrations (if needed) can be performed offline, independent of the measurement, and also in follow-up.


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