Waste Gas

We take responsibility for controlling your environmental emissions. Because, as global technology leader, we have developed the best waste gas treatment for every industrial installation. We adapt the proven processes of pollutant burning, scrubbing or absorption a to your individual requirements. Our experts will provide you with an innovative, and end-to-end solution for your waste gas treatment.

Thermal Gas Treatment

The harmful gases are destroyed at very high temperatures and then scrubbed in the downstream wet stage. We have developed three different technologies to achieve the most sustainable results.

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Wet Chemical Gas Treatment

This process involves scrubbing water-soluble pollutants in the exhaust gas and absorbing them into the liquid phase. Our product line offers the right solution for every system.

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Dry Bed Absorber

This passive abatement system has many advantages because of minimal facilities requirements: it only needs an electrical and compressed air or nitrogen to operate.

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Filter Systems

Our filter system reduces particulate emissions to a minimum. This allows for the efficient treatment of your installation’s waste gases, while reducing both space and cost at the same time.

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Customized Solutions

Innovative and individual: We provide a customized and optimized solution for waste gas treatment. We take all your needs into consideration during our design to ensure your system will have the highest performance at the lowest total cost of ownership.

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& Planning

We accompany you every
step of the way on your project.

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