Our Recommendations

We have selected suitable processes for treating waste gas for you based on the information you have provided. Each of our systems can be individually adapted to your requirements. This means you always get the most efficient solution for your application.


Filter Systems

Particle Filter

  • Clean gas from processes containing particulate matter is passed through filter elements
  • Filter surface automatically cleaned during operation
  • An integrated PID-controlled fan controls pressure differential to account for fluctuations
  • Seperate collection container with flange and lockable lid
  • Automated cleaning of the filter elements during operation
  • Safe disposal of the particulate waste
  • Compliance with the Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA-Luft) emission limits for 20 mg/Nm3 fine dust
  • Integrated centrifugal fan with frequency-controlled direct drive
  • Quality ‘Made in Germany’
  • Dry, durable filter elements
  • Lockable waste container
  • Waste container load cells
Areas of application
  • Particlate-Forming Processes
  • Can be combined with our CT-BW, CT-PW and CT-TW waste gas treatment systems
  • Semiconductor
  • Photovoltaic
  • LED
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Chemicals industry
  • Industrial gas manufacturers
  • And many more

We advise you personally

Each of our abatement systems can be individually adapted to your requirements. Our team takes a detailed look at your industrial installation in a face-to-face meeting and recommends the optimized waste gas treatment solution.

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